Crow Canyon Enamelware - D29 Large Round Serving Tray
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Crow Canyon Home Enamelware continues to be America’s premier manufacturer of high-quality, classic tableware and bakeware.  Crow Canyon Home offers the largest selection of enamelware in the U.S. the finest quality products for over 35 years.  


Crow Canyon Enamelware Large Round Tray

  • Measures 16.5" Diameter - Base is 13" Across the Bottom
  • Stands 1.75" with gentle sloping sides

Large Serving Tray - Drinks, Vegetable Tray and more.  

Add a Touch of Rustic Elegance to your Kitchen

  • Item #: D29
  • Manufacturer: Crow Canyon Home
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: D29

D29 - Round Tray - 16 inch

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